Khalil Al Ansari Personal Best of 3.787@192 ProTorque GEN I Torque Converter

Khalil Al Ansari ran a personal best of 3.787@192.63 in Abu Dabi recently, while truly a very fast pass even by Pro Mod standards, its significance lies in the fact that this was done with a ProTorque GEN I Torque Converter. The ability to harness ultra hi-horsepower cars was once thought of as a feat only reserved for clutch equipped cars. 

The constant R&D of ProTorque has closed the gap between clutch equipped cars and converter cars immensely in the last year. The ProTorque GEN I is laying the ground work for what will become a landmark in converter design, in areas previously thought unattainable by a torque converter. As more advancements are made one thing is certain ProTorque will be leading the way!

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