Torque Converter Data Acquisition & Testing

Data acquisition is the key to understanding and improving performance in all areas of racing. The same is true in the development and tuning of performance torque converters.

ProTorque’s many years of Racing, OE, and R&D programs has allowed us access to some of the best testing equipment available today; from high-end race data acquisitions to rear wheel Dyno equipment.

This experience translates to our entire product line – from the fastest automatic equipped race cars, to the tree trunk pulling torque of modified diesels, and to your basic street car and “budget street beater”

ProTorque knows how to build them better, stronger, faster!

Even from the simplest form of data acquisition, capturing only engine rpm and driveshaft rpm, we can gain information such as efficiency, coupling efficiency, launch rpm, tire shake, tire spin, and shift timing.
More advanced data logging systems will look at other items such as boost levels, trans temp, g-force, etc. With this type of data we can determine critical items such as: time to boost, engine load, stall changes due to boost changes, efficiency at different trans temps. The list goes on and on.
Some of the most sophisticated data acquisitions we have worked with will monitor all of the signals listed above, plus in addition, they will monitor items such as line pressure, oil flow, vehicle speed, input rpm, output rpm, throttle position, etc. These diagnostics allow us to determine the best possible combinations for each particular vehicle.

The bottom line is, the more data you can give us, the more we can custom tailor your torque converter to your specific vehicle application!

Examples of Racepak files:

Rear-wheel dynos can be useful in order to measure improvements in horsepower as well as acceleration. Many times we can measure acceleration on different torque converters to compare a real world apples-to-apples test situation.

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