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Street / Strip Converters

ProTorque works hard to have something for all levels of performance and to ensure every customer has a product suited to their individual needs and overall vehicle combination.

Street Muscle Torque Converters

Proven Race Technology for Your Street Car

When you want to burn your tires and blow your competition away this is the only converter to have in your car. Designed for the muscle car and street rod crowd with enough stall to launch the car and efficient enough to drive everyday.
Pro Drive Torque Converters

When You Want the Best for your Street Car

The champions and winners have used our products for years, and now you get to use that technology in your street car.
LSXT Torque Converters

Discover What Your Car Can Do

This new billet lock-up torque converter for GM LS-based engines has been a proven success both on and off the track, with impressive dyno results seen on “Street Outlaws” star Ryan Martin’s new street truck and Daddy Dave's new street truck. Rated up to 1200 horsepower, this beast of a converter was designed to handle anything you can throw at it.
Built Specifically for You and Your Application

Custom Torque Converters

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