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We like to think of those who run ProTorque converters in their vehicles as extended family and hope to promote your brand as being part of our success, while providing your team with tremendous exposure and incentives. ProTorque was built on reputation and word of mouth. Nowadays, that’s what’s being said on the track and on social media, and we hope you will promote us as well.

Our fresh take on sponsoring is not just a free shirt or some stickers. It’s designed to provide support to street and competition racers like you who are passionate about their sport and committed to achieving their goals.

By choosing to race with a ProTorque converter, you already have confidence in our brand. By partnering with us, you will receive financial support and a range of other benefits that will help you take your racing career to the next level – without draining your bank account.

#TeamProTorque Affiliate Program

Welcome to ProTorque's Affiliate Program, the game-changer you've been waiting for. We've structured our program to empower you on your journey as an affiliate, offering a three-tiered commission system that rewards performance and commitment. As a new affiliate, you'll start on Tier 1 and enjoy a 5% commission on sales you drive. You'll have access to essential promotional materials and affiliate support, ensuring your journey begins on solid ground. However, as you progress and generate more sales, the benefits only get better.

From the Entry Level Tier 1, your performance can propel you to the Intermediate Level Tier 2, where you'll receive a 10% commission rate, more promotional resources, advanced reporting tools, and priority support. Then, as a top-performing affiliate, you'll ascend to the Advanced Level Tier 3, boasting a 20% commission rate, the highest in our program.

But the perks don't stop there; as a Tier 3 affiliate, you'll gain exclusive benefits like personalized promotional materials, dedicated account managers, early access to new product features, and involvement in special promotions or campaigns. You'll also enjoy priority access to resources, invitations to exclusive events, and personalized collaboration opportunities.

ProTorque's Affiliate Program, currently in its beta launch phase, sets you on a thrilling path towards achieving your ambitions while getting your audience the best products with free shipping and limited time discounts. Dive in and experience the difference ProTorque makes.

Have questions about our Sponsorship or Affiliate Programs? Contact us here!

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