ProTorque Gen X Racing Torque Converter’s Equals The Hottest X275 Drag Radial Racers

X275 is one of the HOTTEST drag radial classes and ProTorque is bringing these racers to the front of the line.

X275 racers Shane Fisher, Brad Medlock and Charles Hull are using the ProTorque Gen X racing torque converter, and all three racers achieved new personal bests in X275 this past weekend, with Fisher’s 4.519 at 158.74MPH the quickest pass the class has seen to date, anywhere, and he’s reset that record at nearly every single race he’s attended with the Pro Torque equipment onboard. 

Interestingly, all three of these X275 cars are tuned by none other than legendary radial racer John Kolivas. Perhaps Kolivas learned something running a Pro Torque converter for the last few years? 

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