David Adkins breaking the LSX five-second barrier in his ProTorque-equipped 1970.5 Camaro is the most recent of many five-second barriers that have been broken by Team ProTorque over the last decade. Let’s take a moment to celebrate these door-slammer racing trailblazers and their incredible accomplishments.
2018 – “Super Dave” Adkins
Earlier this month, David Adkins ran a 5.975 at 243.11 MPH in testing before the Shakedown at the Summit. This was the first five-second quarter-mile pass by a full-bodied, LSX-powered, car in history. The twin turbo 427 cubic-inch LSX delivers five-second power to the 315 drag radials through a ProTorque EV1 torque converter.
2016 – Kevin “Flash” Fiscus
In October 2016, Kevin Fiscus drove Josh Klugger’s ProTorque EV1-equipped, stock wheelbase, fox body mustang out the back door for a quarter-mile elapsed time of 5.973 at 251.77 MPH, making it the first five-second pass in history on drag radials.
2015 – Greg Seth-Hunter
In November 2015, Street Car Super Nationals was the stage for the modular Ford race to the fives. John Mihovetz got there first with a manual transmission, but Modular Motorsports Racing’s Greg Seth-Hunter was right behind him, pushing his ProTorque Revolution GenX-equipped Mustang to a5.959 at 242.45 MPH to be the first modular Ford with an automatic transmission to go fives.
2014 – Larry Larson
Five-time Hot Rod Drag Week winner, Larry Larson, is no stranger to fast street-legal race cars. It’s no surprise that his ProTorque Revolution Gen1-equipped S10 was the first street-legal car to break the five-second barrier with a 5.95 at 244.43 MPH at Street Car Super Nationals in 2015.
2011 – “Bad Brad” Brand
November 2011, at Street Car Super Nationals, the race where everyone swings for the fence, “Bad Brad” Brand became the first person to make a five-second pass on 10.5 W tires with a 5.97 at 242.02 MPH in his Jon Kaase-powered, ProTorque Revolution Gen1-equipped Mustang.

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