About ProTorque

A division of Boninfante Friction and based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ProTorque manufactures custom performance torque converters.

Originally founded in 1983 ProTorque grew from a small, local torque converter rebuilder, to a complete R&D facility with full manufacturing facilities with world-wide marketing and sales capabilities.

In early 2020, ProTorque partnered with Boninfante Friction, the "Kings of Clutches" in the high-horsepower market, and moved its production facility to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to ensure a bigger, better, badassier future for the company, its customers, and the racing industry.
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At the core of ProTorque is the basic philosophy of "Quality doesn't cost, it pays." Since its inception, ProTorque has focused on quality and that has been the reason for our phenomenal growth and loyal customers.

Many of the world’s fastest racers trust ProTorque. If you are looking to win more races, set more records, and achieve more, choose ProTorque.

The ProTorque Story

ProTorque's mission is to produce the most advanced high performance torque converters available.

Rivera, whose motto is "knowledge is power," has brought an immense knowledge of computers to the business and catapulted ProTorque to the forefront of the computer-controlled, electronic lockup torque converter market. For this reason, Joe has been included in several advisory boards and has been asked to speak at multiple industry conferences and seminars. Joe Jr. spent several years as the President of the TCRA (Torque Converter Rebuilders Association) and has had several articles written by him published in trade publications.

Joe is widely known and respected in the transmission industry and racing community as a leader and as an innovator. He has spent nearly three decades developing a complete line of customizable torque converters to meet the needs of everyday drivers, street racers, and professional level race teams.

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ProTorque's Revolution and Evolution series high performance converters have been met with great success and are the latest in a long line of in-house developed products that changed the face of the drag racing industry.

ProTorque torque converters revolutionized the Outlaw drag racing world and dominated the scene over the last several years, helping to set many records and record countless wins. Our torque converters are also installed in most of the cars featured on "Street Outlaws", Discovery Channel's highest rated show which is currently in its 10th season with an estimated 3.5 million viewers.

ProTorque is at the pinnacle of the high-end race market, the product line is proven superior, and the knowledge base is unmatched. Using nothing more than a great reputation, word of mouth, and social media, ProTorque has gained an international clientele with drivers holding drag racing records in multiple countries.

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- Because we are the BEST!

Proven Performance

Many of the world's quickest and fastest trust ProTorque. Win more races, set more records, and achieve more when you choose ProTorque.

Our list of record holders speaks for itself. To name a few:

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Drag Radial - DeWayne Mills, Marty Stinnett, Kevin Fiscus, Scotty G., John Kolivas, Joel Greathouse, Kenny Hubbard, Don Lamama, Daniel Pharris, Josh Klugger, Perry Bullivant, Martin Connelley, Matt Bell, Ron Rhodes

Street Outlaw/No Prep Kings - Justin “Big Chief” Shearer, Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington, “Daddy Dave” Comstock, Ryan “Fireball” Martin, Jeff Lutz, Larry Larson, Chris “Boosted GT” Hamilton, Chris “Kamakazi” Day, Jerry “Monza” Johnston, Chuck “The 55” Parker, Steve Brindle “Megatron”

Outlaw 10.5 - Tim Lynch, Joe Newsham, Bill Lutz, Mark Bentson Jr, Blake Copson, John Carinci

Hot Rod Drag Week - Jeff Lutz, Larry Larson, Tom Bailey, Glenn Hunter, Bryant Goldstone, Alex and Dennis Taylor

Pro Mod - Eric Dillard, Melanie Troxel, Brad Brand, David Adkins, Mark Luton, Larry Larson, Leah Pritchett, Erica Enders, Harry Hruska, Kevin Fiscus, Rob Campisi

NMRA/NMCA - John Urist, Mike Murillo, Haley James, Frank Varela, Jessie Coulter, Vinny Palazzolo, Dom DiDonato, Louie Filippides, Charles Hull, Joel Greathouse, Justin Jordan

Guaranteed Durability

Our converters are engineered to handle the extreme stress of a performance environment.

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We custom build your converter to work with your entire vehicle combination; this results in better durability, performance and efficiency overall.

Our converters are also backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Unmatched Service

We want you to be happy with our products and our service.

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We have a knowledgeable technical staff, a friendly office staff, an excellent warranty, a 90-day free adjustment period, and a commitment to provide you with the best torque converter on the market today.

Your success is our obsession.

Unbeatable Value

Our value is in our products' performance, technical knowledge, and or ability to provide you with a custom converter that is better then our competitors.

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Ask yourself, what is a tenth worth on a 4-second racecar?



Best in the business! We won a lot of races with ProTorque converters in the car. ProTorque (Joe Rivera) is an innovator! Always looking to make a better (faster) product!

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