ProTorque works hard to have something for all levels of performance and to ensure every customer has a product suited to their individual needs and overall vehicle combination. We are different in our approach as many of competitors sell on stall speed alone while we match our products to the power level of the engine and the overall requirements of the vehicle.

For example, a “3200 Stall Converter” will stall completely different in a 350 hp small block Chevy in in a 2300-lb street rod as compared to a turbocharged LSX engine in a Fifth gen Camaro.

Our job at ProTorque is to build you a converter that can harness the power of your engine, transfer that power in an efficient manner, and be strong enough to last a lifetime. We rate our converters to certain horsepower levels to ensure each has all of the crucial features to withstand the punishment you are going to give it. Whether it’s a 500 hp street car or a 5,000 hp race car… ProTorque has you covered.

Torque Converters. Take your pick.

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