Medford, NY – ProTorque Performance Products has developed a reliable and affordable street converter that will support respectable power levels.
ProTorque’s Street Muscle Series torque converters offer great performance for daily driven vehicles without breaking the bank. It will flash to get the motor happy under wide open throttle but maintain excellent drivability characteristics.
ProTorque has worked closely with Justin “Big Chief” Shearer of Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws to test this new converter in his daily driven ProCharged street truck, called “Wanda”. Big Chief has a busy schedule and he managed to rack up an estimated 15,000 miles in one year on the new ProTorque converter without incident. Even more impressive, he recently put over 750 rear wheel horsepower through the ProTorque SM 12 LS1 converter without any problems. This torque converter has all of the most important bases covered: it’s affordable, reliable, and powerful. Two out of three is the standard for high performance, yet ProTorque Performance Products has just changed the street performance game by offering all three in one package.
Incredibly priced at just $479 MSRP, the SM 12LS1 Street Muscle Series torque converter for the GM 4L60E transmission is built with a focus on quality that has been the catalyst for ProTorque’s success. The Street Muscle Series torque converter will be offered with a 2,800 RPM to 3,200 RPM stall speed, 11” outer diameter, Torrington bearings, furnace brazed blades reinforced with TIG welds, and a carbon lock-up clutch.
The ProTorque Performance Products Street Muscle Series extends well beyond the LSx market, too, as ProTorque makes a Street Muscle Series converter for just about any street car or truck out there,. Prices will vary depending on the application, but each Street Muscle Series converter is priced to be easily obtainable for hobbyist enthusiasts and hardcore racers alike.
Many of the world’s quickest and fastest door cars trust ProTorque converters to put obscene amounts of horsepower and torque to the track, race after race. ProTorque Performance Products has taken the converter technology developed in the upper ranks of drag racing and brought it to the everyday gearhead with a hot street car or truck at an affordable price.

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