Medford, NY – ProTorque Performance Products has developed a new series of mid-range capacity torque converters specifically for the small tire classes of X275, Ultra Street, and Outlaw 8.5.
ProTorque’s EV2 Series torque converters are descendants of the highly successful EV1 that has been instrumental in several Pro Mod and Radial vs the World world records. Building on the success of the EV1, ProTorque recognized the need for a converter that is better suited for the 1,200 to 2,200 horsepower engines that are used in the popular and more affordable small tire classes, and thus the EV2 was born.
Just like the EV1, ProTorque’s EV2 uses a wide range of billet stators that can be used to fine tune the converter to match the engine. Due to the wide variety of engines and power-adders, many variables are considered when matching the EV2 to a particular combination, including engine specifications, vehicle weight, gear ratios, and the power-adder itself. Knowing how to precisely match the right converter to each setup is a result of ProTorque’s extensive testing, both at the racetrack and under real world conditions, with top teams in their respective classes. One such team, out of the KBX Performance camp, dominated Ultra Street in 2016 with the EV2 being a small part of their successful program. Joel Greathouse and tuner John Kolivas trusted ProTorque to deliver a better torque converter, and in return the team delivered win after win with several records along the way.
In addition to all of the X275, Ultra, and Outlaw 8.5 drag cars, many high horsepower street cars fall into the EV2 target power range and their owners want the best that is available. ProTorque’s EV2 Series torque converters are a great option for Hot Rod Drag Week cars or OKC no-prep heavy hitters. “Street Outlaws” stars Kamikaze Chris runs a ProTorque EV2 in “The Elco” and Shane McAlary’s “Black Bird” Vega packs one as well. ProTorque EV2 torque converters are durable enough for street driving with versatile tuning options needed to put 2,000 horsepower to an unprepared track surface.
Coming in at $3,298 MSRP, the ProTorque Performance Products EV2 Series Torque Converter is a potent combination of cutting edge technology and must have features that include: a CNC-machined billet back cover, 10-strut mechanical diode, CNC-machined billet stators, one-piece integral ballooning plates, and safe “D” bolts to hold it all together. Each EV2 torque converter is custom built to each combination, yet there are a wide variety of billet stators that are available if the combination changes. If changes need to be made, the billet cover features two threaded holes in the top that allow for jacking bolts to be used to open the converter up, rather than having to beat it with a hammer.
ProTorque’s EV2 Series torque converters offer proven performance gains through incremental levels of customization that has not previously been available in the 1,200 to 2,200 horsepower range, but is now.

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