ProTorque Launches New Website with Interactive “Torque Converter Recommendation Engine” Selection Tool

ProTorque has launched an all-new eCommerce website which includes its Torque Converter Recommendation Engine (TCRE) – an industry-first, interactive torque converter selection tool which lets customers immediately search and sort to find the exact converter for their application.
Built with years of real-world testing and validation to produce winning results, ProTorque’s Torque Converter Recommendation Engine carries the company’s legacy of innovation one step further.
Compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, ProTorque’s new website centers around the TCRE and uses decades of experience to match the exact engine combination to the right torque converter and lets the user take complete control of their build.
One of the biggest problems with torque converter selection is getting a knowledgeable tech to help guide the process. ProTorque’s Torque Converter Recommendation Engine eliminates the guesswork and fear of ordering the wrong product as the tool was designed and backed by a talented team who have the experience to put more people in the winner’s circle.
The TCRE experience begins by verifying the intended application’s usage. From street to strip, competition, or even diesel, visitors then choose their fuel type and whether or not they run a trans brake. Transmission options for Ford, GM, Chrysler, and other manufacturers allow the drill-down to go even further with specific applications. Next, users select their performance preferences including power level, vehicle weight, power adder type, and engine cubic inches. Finally, users can select additional torque converter features that they need, such as anti-ballooning plates, a billet front cover, billet stator, bolt-together assembly, clutch type, and more.
Once all variables have been selected through the TCRE, the ProTorque website displays all possible matching torque converters, sorted by best-fit results. Visitors can quickly and easily see their options along with features and benefits, then move on to configuring the exact specs with input shaft spline count, stator type, sprag option, lock up option, and more allowing them to essentially custom-build their own torque converter online.
All of ProTorque’s torque converters can be purchased online directly from the website so there’s no need to wait for business hours or call-in phone support; the best in technical guidance is available 24/7 all in one easy to access location, without having to call. Additionally, free delivery or pick-up is available from ProTorque’s Authorized Distributors – all of which are easily located under the “Dealers” section of the website as well.
Coupled with other important functions such as sections for service requests, comprehensive technical information with videos and more, racer news, company updates, apparel, and more, ProTorque’s all new website makes it easier than ever to find the exact torque converter for any given combination.
To learn more, or to order, visit or call ProTorque directly at (631) 218-8700.
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Since its inception in the 1980s, ProTorque has focused on quality and quality has been the reason for its phenomenal growth and customer loyalty. In 2020, Joe Rivera and ProTorque joined the Boninfante family in their state of the art facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where all resources are devoted to motorsports and the development of high-performance products. For more information, visit online at, “like” ProTorque on Facebook at and follow ProTorque on Instagram at @ProTorque. Tag #TeamProTorque to be featured.
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