Bowler Builds a Secret Weapon for the 48 Hour Camaro

In preparation for the 48 Hour Build at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, AZ, RideTech turned to Bowler Performance TransmissionsProTorque Performance Products, and Sonnax to provide a secret weapon for their 1971 Pro Touring Camaro.
The new street-friendly “48 Hour” second-gen Camaro will run a Bowler 4L75E automatic with a Sonnax close ratio gearset and a trick new Pro Torque LSXT billet Multiclutch converter.
“On our new automatic, we rely on Pro Torque’s ability to design a highly efficient fluid coupling to keep the engine and transmission connected in first gear. No one does it better than Pro Torque. While there are many converters that work well under hard acceleration, Pro Torque has figured out how to couple the drivetrain during low load and transient throttle scenarios. Snap your foot off the throttle at 40 mph in high gear and the watch the tach needle. A car with a typical converter might drop to idle. Repeat the test with a Pro Torque converter and the tach needle holds steady — just like a manual trans car. That’s coupling.”

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