Medford, NY – December 21, 2018 – PROTORQUE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS has teamed up with Transtar Industries, Inc., the world’s largest transmission parts distributor, to bring specialized performance torque converters to the transmission repair specialty market. Thanks to Transtar’s extensive distribution network, ProTorque’s record-breaking technology is no longer restricted to the racing elite and getting a custom-built torque converter without the wait will become the standard.

Getting the correct torque converter for the application is crucial to vehicle performance and ProTorque offers numerous options to optimize coupling efficiency. Drawing on decades of performance torque converter experience, ProTorque’s staff uses their experience and unmatched technology to eliminate the guesswork and to ensure that the right converter for each vehicle application is selected. Merging ProTorque’s unrivaled torque converter technology with Transtar’s cutting-edge distribution is a recipe for success that will greatly benefit the high-performance aftermarket.

With over 67 retail locations nationwide, Transtar makes it possible to have a custom-built ProTorque converter in-hand, in some cases, as soon as the same day. Transtar customers will also have the ability to purchase a high-end, custom-built race converter from ProTorque and have it delivered through Transtar. This unique combination of specialization and availability is unheard of in the racing world until now, and will benefit performance enthusiasts of all levels from street to strip and beyond.

ProTorque has a rich history in performance torque converters and racing, as well as a rich history in the aftermarket transmission repair specialty market. Now, Transtar is bringing those worlds together and customers can have the best of both thanks to Transtar. Transtar is bringing top of the line performance products to the transmission industry and they will make it easy to buy, easy to sell, and easy to get.

About ProTorque Performance Products:
Based out of Medford, New York, ProTorque was founded in 1983 and has grown from a small, local torque converter rebuilder, to a full-line manufacturing facility with a research and development division and worldwide marketing and sales capabilities. Since its inception, ProTorque has focused on quality and quality has been the reason for its phenomenal growth and customer loyalty. In 2016, ProTorque became ProTorque Performance Products and moved into a new state of the art facility where they devote all resources to motorsports and high performance. For more information, visit online at, “like” ProTorque Performance Products on Facebook at and follow ProTorque on Instagram at @ProTorque.

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